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General Construction

As your General Contractor, LBM Construction works with your architect or building team, to provide quality construction services—from building permits, to site development and construction, to final landscaping. We bring the most skilled trades and safe site conditions to keep your project running on time. Our quality steel building systems offer extensive versatility through wide-open interiors and a variety of bay sizes, eave heights, roof slopes and almost any type of exterior you choose. Whatever you’re looking for, you can feel confident working with LBM Construction to find the perfect fit for your facility as well as your budget.

Design-Build Construction

Working with LBM Construction gives you a single source for all of your facility construction needs. By coordinating directly with a project design team, we can combine the design and build functions to maximize communication, minimize confusion and put your entire project on the fast track to completion. It is simply the fastest, most efficient and most cost-effective way to build. Click here to learn more about the Design-Build process.

Construction Management

By hiring LBM Construction for your construction management services, you’ll receive objectivity, cost efficiency, quality control and representation of your best interests. We manage complex on-site activity to ensure cooperation among the entire Design-Build team and meet critical schedules and budgets. Construction management brings professional expertise and knowledge to bear directly on your project to streamline the construction process. The Construction Management method guarantees the client the best price for the project while assigning responsibility for all phases of the project to one source. This approach ensures that the customer will have a single source firm that is not only responsible for every aspect of your project, but is also intimately knowledgeable about your company’s needs and expectations.

The best projects result from this understanding between the owner and the Construction Management Team.

Re-Roofing with Butler® MR-24 / VSR

LBM Construction has collectively installed more than two million square feet of Butler’s MR-24 / VSR Roof System in the Western New York area with exceptional results. The original warranties have outlived themselves and the roofs are still going strong.

Since 1969, the Butler MR-24 Roof System has been installed over 2.5 billion square feet of buildings. The MR-24 roof is specified 3:1 more than any other standing seam roof by owners, architects and engineers for use on new facilities or existing ones. With the advent of a well thought out and detailed approach of re-roofing existing structures, the MR-24 standing seam and VSR roof are the first choices in the industry to permanently solve the age old problem of leaky roofs on conventionally built structures or even other inferior pre-engineered metal building systems. Butler’s unique slope built-up system allows you to cover right over an existing flat roof, in most cases without having to disturb the environment below. Butler’s painted VSR roof is a prime solution for leaky roofs and offers an aesthetic architectural appearance with long-term proven performance. A non-prorated 25-year warranty is also included with this roofing system. You’ll begin to save immediately on maintenance costs. And additional insulation can be added to help you save even more on energy costs.